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Putting Qingdao United Metallurgical Research Institute as the research and development center, ZhongrongXinda Group undertakes the research and development of thegroup industry core technologiesand the special research tasks released by the country, and provides strong technical support and talent guarantee to the group scientific research projects by combining with China Building Material Scientific Research Institute, Two “Central Enterprises” of China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group and Avic Special Glass Key Laboratory, China-US Crystal Thin Film Material Cooperative Research Center, Hainan University and Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research and Design Institute, etc.

The research and development center gathers domestic and foreign top technology research and development teams, with the group chief visiting specialist and vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Xu Delong, being the leader of scientific research, the group visiting specialist and vice president of China Building Material Institute, Zuo Yan and Tsinghua University post-doctor and Germany Humboldt Fellow, Hu Hui, being the technical core backbones. It has over 1,500 cutting-edge talents of professional fields, including 6 academicians, 50 professor senior engineers, 200 doctoral students and about 200 corresponding postgraduates, which devotes to researching and developing the innovative scientific research technology of low-carbon and environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction.